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Arcane Vending

Arcane Vending assembles great snack and food options from America’s best-in-class food producers. We don’t just offer the traditional selection of candies, chips, and drinks. We go beyond that with tailor-made snack-boxes and ready-made meals that maximize variety and prioritizes the customer experience. Need something other than food? We can help with that!

A Yellowstone County locally owned and operated small business serving Billings and surrounding Montana areas.

Our Feature

Intelligent Machines

Arcane vending machines are best-in-class with 24/7 monitoring and real-time telemetry sales-tracking and stock notifications.
Our warehouse knows what you need!

S.M.A.R.T Vending

Specific classics & customizable options.
Measurable and repeatable experience.
Assured customer & employee satisfaction.
Recognized user interface is easy to use.
Tested and guaranteed quality assurance.

Competitive Commission

Arcane Vending would love to learn your requirements and earn your business!
Reach out to us today!

We Go Beyond

Arcane Vending was established in 2024 and specializes in full-service vending including meals, snacks and beverages. Want something other than food? Arcane vending machines can go beyond to satisfy other non-food cravings.

At Arcane Vending, we’re more than just a vending company. Founded on the principles of service, integrity, and community, we are dedicated to providing exceptional options to meet the needs of your customers and employees.

In combination with our wholesale and distribution partnerships and our state and county approved and licensed refrigerated machines, Arcane Vending provides your customers and employees more satisfying options.

All Arcane vending machines are state-of-the-art intelligent elevator machines (No Fall technology) with easy to use intuitive touchscreen interfaces and accompanying software that provides real-time telemetry and stocking notifications back to the warehouse. Our warehouse team will know what you need without being there!


Why Choose Arcane Vending?


Exceptional Customer Service

We will work with you, your employees, and your customers (if requested) to identify the preferred items of each Arcane Vending machine and then tailor-order requested items from our distributors and wholesalers! We promise to continually improve to meet demands and we will always engage with professionalism and gratitude for your business.

Top Shelf Products

Arcane Vending provides the best food, drink, and snack options available for your customers and employees. We can provide perishable foods (sandwiches, etc.) with our state and county approved and licensed refrigerated machines.

Easy Business Solutions

Arcane Vending machines are tailored to suit all your needs, from small offices to large market-style vending and everything in between.

Zero Investment

Vending machines are an expensive asset to have on your books. Arcane Vending services provides the machines with no cost to your business. We will completely manage the machines overseeing all stock control and maintenance.

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Fully Remote Managed

Arcane Vending works closely with manufacturers in providing the best technology using the most up to date software to know how your vending machine is behaving without even being there. This allows us to monitor the machines 24/7 in the following areas;

1. Stock levels:
Your machines will never run out as alerts will be sent and machines restocked giving you a flawless service for your customers and employees.

2. Potential faults
Our Machines are of the highest standards and built with durability in mind, with 24 /7 live monitoring.

3. All transactions live
We are able to monitor all transactions and track product trends. This allows us to tailor the stock available according to the buying preferences of your employees and customers.

Brand New Machines

Arcane Vending machines are installed brand new, and are of the best latest technology. We will continue to offer new and updated machines as they are produced which will provide your business as our client with the highest possible standard of reliability and service available.


Arcane Vending machines are designed energy efficient.

Multiple Payment Options

Arcane Vending machines use convenient contactless payment in addition to traditional coin and cash. Your customers and employees will be able to make e-Wallet payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and credit and debit card payments.


Let’s Work Together!